White, Brooks, and Carroll's Bankruptcy Simulations: Bridge to Practice

West Academic Publishing
Primary Subject
Bankruptcy/Creditors' Rights
Bridge to Practice
Softbound - New, softbound print book.


Use of this book assists bankruptcy law professors in transforming podium courses into ABA-required experiential learning opportunities. As bankruptcy professors understand, the complexity of debtor-creditor law can dismay students as they work to figure out how to put together the puzzle pieces that comprise this complex, multi-layered area of practice. The laws, procedural rules, official forms, and complicated relationships between and among creditors and debtors combine to create mosaics of intricate patterns – or webs for malpractice claims. This book helps law students put together the interconnected pieces of consumer debtor- or creditor-focused law practice – with simulation exercises introducing students to the Official Forms, guiding them through multiple creditors’ claims, and supporting them in developing as trustees, consumer debtor’s lawyers, or various creditors’ lawyers. The fact-based exercises provide multiple opportunities to develop writing ability, ethical client counseling skills, and an understanding of how to use bankruptcy laws, rules, procedures, and forms.