Franklin, Rabin, Green, Geistfeld, and Engstrom's Tort Law and Alternatives: Cases and Materials, 11th

Foundation Press
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University Casebook Series
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This widely-adopted casebook covers all major aspects of tort law with expertly edited cases and original text. The principal focus of this book is the law of negligence, strict liability, and no-fault legislation as alternative approaches to compensating the victims of accidental harm and creating optimal incentives for safety. The chapter on intentional torts has been restructured to facilitate its use to start off the course for those instructors desiring to do so. The book also includes comprehensive chapters on products liability, damages and insurance, defamation, privacy, economic torts, and a revamped and updated chapter on alternatives to tort law, including the “tort reforms” of the past half century. Notes and questions following principal cases are designed to supplement students’ knowledge about the subject matter of the case and related areas as well as to encourage them to think critically about judicial opinions and tort policy. This Eleventh Edition reflects evolving developments in recent case law and legislative activity, as well as materials and commentary ranging from continuing tort issues arising from the Internet to important civil justice issues of the day.