Roen and Reich Paulsen's Civil Litigation: Pretrial Case Development and Discovery, 2d

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Civil Litigation: Pretrial Case Development and Discovery offers a practical approach to teaching and learning the methods of building a civil case. It is not a book on civil procedure; rather, this concise volume begins with a holistic overview of the case building process, then takes the reader from the initial client meeting through case planning and management, the various forms of discovery and their particular functions, then on to the effective use of the record.

The book and accompanying online materials move beyond the rules to focus on how to litigate a case. It contains real world examples that illustrate how effective litigators address the inevitable challenges of prosecuting and defending civil cases. It is appropriate for law students and new attorneys, and it includes all the materials needed for use in an experiential course on pretrial litigation.

The companion online component contains two fully developed case problems for students to "litigate": a trade secrets dispute and a sexual harassment case, both of which have been vetted and used extensively at the University of Minnesota Law School. There are also numerous examples of typical litigation documents, such as written discovery requests, deposition outlines, and motions to compel.

Civil Litigation: Pretrial Case Development and Discovery may be paired with Successful First Depositions for a deeper dive into teaching deposition strategies and tactics.