Clary, Paulsen, and Vanselow's Successful First Depositions, 4th

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This edition features easy-to-read textual material on deposition strategy, preparation, conduct, and rules. Illustrative examples are found throughout, as well as sidebar summaries of major points. It is ideal as a text for a simulation class or as a reference for law school clinics. It includes three mock case records: an employment discrimination problem; a personal injury case; and a contract/covenant-not-to-compete case. It is also useful as a reference for new attorneys or refresher for the more experienced ones. It contains everything needed for use in an in-house training program, either a half-day training session or a more comprehensive day-long or multi-session program.

"Successful First Depositions, 4th will have a great impact on the careers of litigators because it takes one of the most important and difficult civil litigation tasks – taking or defending depositions – and teaches how to develop a strategic approach that will help you win your civil case. The ability to think strategically separates the great litigators from the good ones. And this book has a gazillion examples of exactly how to ask the right question or make the right objection that will support your deposition strategy in any given case. I hope every litigator takes the time to read this book – it is way more than an introductory text to depositions. It’s a textbook on how to think strategically in civil litigation." - David J.F. Gross, Faegre Baker Daniels LLP