Interactive Legal Research & Writing Lessons: 1L Legal Research - Introductory Basics (Whiteman and Boland)

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Legal Research
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In this three-lesson module, you will gain an understanding of the underpinnings of the American legal system, why we research, including an examination of relevant ethical rules related to a lawyer’s research, and finally how to research in an efficient and smart manner.

Lesson One looks at where our laws come from, the weight given to different legal sources, and explains the best sources to rely on when crafting your legal arguments.

Lesson Two provides a broader understanding of the interrelationships between legal authorities, and how to apply these authorities to any number of new and unpredictable situations.

Lesson Three focuses on the importance to research smarter not harder. Researching smarter will ensure that you provide accurate, up-to-date, and complete results; as well as increase your legal research efficiency.