Wootton and Lawsky's Exam Pro on Partnership Taxation, 2d (Objective)

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Exam Pro Series
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The Second Edition of the Exam Pro on Partnership Taxation extends the approach of the original as a partnership tax study guide with questions and answers. Completely revised and updated, it includes lectures and study questions on the deduction for qualified business income under section 199A, the new regulations on allocating partnership recourse debt, and the choice of entity for conducting business and investment activities. New sample exams at the basic, intermediate and advanced levels give you an even better shot to ace your partnership tax exam. The book is designed to help JD and LLM students from the first day of class. It begins with over 50 short lectures on topics in partnership tax ranging from basic to advanced, illustrated by over 280 study questions, each with a complete explanation of the right (and wrong) answers. Several of the lectures focus on the basic accounting concepts that are essential to understanding partnership tax, to give students with no prior accounting background the tools they need to succeed in this subject. The book includes twelve sample exams (a total of 120 more questions) that, like the lectures, increase in difficulty from basic to advanced, labeled so that students can pick the exams that are right for them and the course they are taking. Full answers to each of the exam questions are provided, with cross-references to the lectures and the study questions. Robert R. Wootton, Professor Emeritus of Practice of Law, and Sarah B. Lawsky, Professor of Law, teach partnership tax at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.