Weisman's Sports Law: The Essentials

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Sports Law
Higher Education Coursebook
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This book tracks the profoundly evolving world of sports law. This evolution is seen in myriad ways, ranging on various topics: questions regarding sport and gender, the use of prosthetic devices, whether a touchdown celebration can be copywritten, and the regulation of sports gambling. Indeed, the law is constantly changing to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world of sports. This book analyzes both traditional areas of sports law—such as contract law, labor law, and violence in sports—as well as new developments in sports, such as players' privacy rights in the data derived from high-tech athletic apparel and more.

Further coverage is given to new emerging issues such as unionization of college athletes, genetic manipulation of athletes, CTE, e-sports, horseracing, social media, concerns around disabled athletes and performance enhancing drugs, as well as sports law’s increased involvement with stadium financing, sports gambling, and more. Written by a business school professor, it engages the student with real-world examples and cases and includes case law that should bring the world of law into focus for a wide range of students.

"This is one of the most comprehensive law texts available, with a writing style that draws the reader in. Weisman puts the law into language easily understandable for students studying sport law and those of us with little to no law background. As an athletic administrator, I particularly enjoyed the chapter on College Sports as it shares a historical view of the development of college sports while infusing the law and its application to sport. I would highly recommend this book to my sport administration colleagues and sport management students who have an interest in gaining a better understanding of the laws impacting sport at all levels." - Laurie Priest, retired Director of Athletics, Mount Holyoke College