Carlson's Foundations for Evidence and Trial Practice: The Advocate's Guide

West Academic Publishing
Primary Subject
Trial Practice
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It is vital that every evidence or trial practice student, professor or litigator know how to introduce a business record, lay a foundation for expert testimony, or cross-examine a witness about his or her bias. This text cuts through the complexities of evidence and trial law to supply straight-forward advice on ways to get this done.

Important techniques for advancing a lawyer’s trial proof are abundantly displayed in this book. The successful attorney is a master at laying effective foundations. This text shows how to get this done. For students in clinical programs, trial practice classes or the course in evidence law, this text is a legal treasure.

Fresh authorities and recent cases are critical to students and practitioners alike. The text is loaded with contemporary decisions illustrating fundamental elements of evidence law. For advocates, the book is a life-saver. Whether in law school classes, mock trials or a real courtroom, this book provides a lightning-fast path to success. It provides a truly unique guide to the subject of authenticating trial proof, from the topic of party admissions to and through the hearsay declarations of a will testator. It fills the need for a nuts-and-bolts collection of foundation proofs from A to Z.