Thompson and Goldstein's Property Law: Ownership, Use, and Conservation, 2d

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This casebook is designed for the property professor who wants to cover not only all the traditional property issues but also emerging environmental issues in the management of land and other resources. The casebook provides in-depth coverage of real property law, including the rights of property owners, real estate transactions and finance, estates in land, land-use regulation, and takings law. But the casebook also covers related environmental issues, reflecting the reality that issues such as wetland protection, conservation easements, and water scarcity are today as important, if not in some cases more important, to many property lawyers as more traditional concerns such as the rule against perpetuities, subjacent land support, and deed construction. Looking at property law through an environmental lens also provides new insights and new ways of conceptualizing property doctrines. The result is a readable, interesting, and cutting-edge treatment of modern property law. This new edition has been thoroughly updated. This edition provides brand new coverage of emerging issues, such as judicial takings, takings legislation, the subprime mortgage crisis, same-sex relationships, fracking, legal protection of ecosystem services, and public access to beaches (one of the hottest topics today in the collision of private and public interests in land).