Supina and Marsnik's Legal Environment of Business, 2d

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Business Law-Legal Environment of Business
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West Academic presents a comprehensive Legal Environment of Business Law survey book that is accessible, affordable, and authoritative. Written with attention to quality and detail by Business Law scholars, this book features the content and expertise you expect from the leading publisher of legal education materials.

The expanded second edition covers more essential business law topics. The legal system is described in more functional detail with clear graphics and tables. The book contains a distinct chapter on the litigation process, explaining each step and how it impacts both parties. This edition also contains a chapter focused on law and ethics, which leads into expanded coverage of corporate compliance and ethics issues throughout the text. This material dovetails with new regulatory and white-collar crime information, including discussions of the enforcement regimes for highly regulated areas.

Alongside the enhanced topical treatments, every chapter includes both review questions and discussion topics. As with the first edition, the main text and the interactive features focus on practical business issues, applying the book’s content to real-life situations. The book follows this approach with other engaging and student-friendly textual features, including:

  • Sidebars, graphics, and accessible and approachable case briefs crafted specifically for students
  • Legal career features
  • Highlighted key terms
  • Key objectives
  • Chapter overviews and introductions, as well as chapter summaries
  • A comprehensive glossary

One of the title’s innovations is the use of case briefs for black-letter law. Briefs are useful for speedy understanding of fundamental precedents, and prove very useful for instructors who do not want to use briefing assignments. The second edition increases instructional flexibility by retaining case briefs, but adding case excerpts to every chapter to facilitate in-class discussions, briefing projects, and legal analysis. Both briefs and excerpts illuminate the surrounding material and include a “headline” treatment to orient students.

The second edition includes more detailed examples from real business scenarios beyond case law. From small businesses to major corporations, the text links explanations to actual examples. The material is brought closer to home through new “Careers in the Law” features in every chapter. These pieces introduce the wide range of careers available to students in the law, opening new areas of possibility.

Additional digital resources are available for both faculty and students, including:

  • PowerPoint slides and a teacher's manual for instructors
  • Self-assessment questions keyed to each chapter so students can gauge their understanding of the material
  • Gilbert Law Dictionary for quick access to authoritative legal definitions