Strauss's Behind the Bench: The Guide to Judicial Clerkships, 3d

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Academic Success
Academic and Career Success Series
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Author Debra M. Strauss, J.D. explains all aspects of clerkships in this newly revised edition. The book provides updated information and resources as your go-to source on judicial clerkships, focusing on what clerkships are, what kind of work clerks do, why you should apply, how to find and apply for the type of clerkship that would be right for you, how to give a strong interview, and why clerkships give you stellar credentials that prospective employers will actively seek out.

Behind the Bench: The Guide to Judicial Clerkships, Third Edition is filled with nuts and bolts advice on all elements of the application process, including building a successful application, interviewing, etiquette of offers and acceptances, and special strategies designed to help you in your quest for the perfect clerkship. To further lay the groundwork for a positive experience, this title also features an exclusive section on how to prepare for your clerkship. The third edition adds current developments such as remote interviews and the virtual clerkship experience; recent data on women and minorities in clerkships; new Supreme Court feeder judges along with statistical analysis on the trends; and extra resources for further reading. As an entrée into the world of the courts, this is an indispensable handbook for every law student, lawyer, judge, and potential judicial clerk!

A must-have resource for colleges, law schools, courthouses, and legal organizations!