Sepinuck's Sales and Leases: A Problem-Solving Approach, 3d

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Comml Law-Sales And Leases
American Casebook Series
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The third edition of a book on sales and leases of goods by one of the country’s leading experts in commercial law. The book uses a problem-based approach to help students master the applicable legal rules, understand how the law applies to both simple and complex commercial transactions, and learn how to use the law in planning transactions and drafting agreements. The book consists primarily of text and 132 carefully sequenced problems. Many of the problems ask students to apply the law to a set of facts. Others do the reverse, asking students to identify a set of facts to which a specific rule applies. Several prompt students to think about the policies underlying the law or how the law affects commercial behavior. Finally, approximately a dozen problems – in keeping with a growing trend in legal education – task students with drafting a contract term or other document.