Saunders's Intellectual Property Law: Legal Aspects of Innovation and Competition, 2d

West Academic Publishing
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Intellectual Prop-Survey
Higher Education Coursebook
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This book is designed specifically to provide business, paralegal, legal studies or law school students with a comprehensive understanding of the principal areas of intellectual property protection: trade secrets, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and the right of publicity, as well as treatment of legal protection for other valuable intangibles and international intellectual property issues.

Each chapter includes summaries of the law and excerpted cases to illustrate the application of legal rules and concepts. Applicable statutory provisions are included for quick reference. The cases are followed by a variety of questions and comments to prompt classroom discussion, and each chapter concludes with an extensive set of discussion problems and a case study. The new second edition has been thoroughly updated and includes the most recent Supreme Court opinions or summaries, along with additional questions, comments, and discussion problems.

Also accompanying each chapter are a set of writing and practical exercises to enhance student written and critical thinking skills, and to provide experiential learning as to specific tasks involved in securing and protecting intellectual property rights. The book is suited either for a 3-credit survey course or a more focused 2-credit seminar.