Sanborn's The Legal Aspects of Policing

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Criminal Procedure
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This coursebook is organized to fully explicate the issues surrounding the legal aspects of policing in an understandable and comprehensive fashion. Offering a conversational tone, akin to a series of lectures on the various topics covered, no other text presents this information in this manner. Moreover, much of the material, while critical, is unique to this text. This book is an ideal resource for upper level undergraduate students, graduate students, and police academy students. The topics covered include:
  • Rare historical presentations of critical events in the adoption of the Bill of Rights; the original context of the Fourteenth Amendment; the evolution of the Incorporation of the Bill of Rights; and the development of the Exclusionary Rule.
  • Unique organization and explanation of the limits and exceptions to the exclusionary rule.
  • Detailed coverage and explanation of the dimensions of the Fourth Amendment and its relationship to an Expectation of Privacy.
  • In-depth explanation of stop and frisk; critical extensions of Terry v. Ohio; searches that do not require a warrant; Miranda requirements; and limits and exceptions to Miranda.