Saltzburg, Capra, and Davis's Black Letter Outline on Basic Criminal Procedure, 9th

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Criminal Procedure
Black Letter Outlines
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Basic Criminal Procedure is a clear and comprehensive outline of the most important principles and issues taught in the basic Criminal Procedure law school course with emphasis on the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment rules that govern federal and state law enforcement and courts. This Black Letter is comprehensive in its coverage. It examines a wide range of legal doctrines, including:
  • The Incorporation Doctrine
  • Exceptions to the Warrant requirement
  • Remedies for 4th Amendment violations
  • The Privilege Against Self-Incrimination
  • Confessions
  • Miranda
  • Massiah
  • Constitutional Limits on Identification Evidence
  • The Right to Counsel
  • Effective Assistance of Counsel
and the Right to Counsel.

Major Supreme Court cases are thoroughly analyzed, including an examination of separate opinions by Supreme Court Justices. Basic Criminal Procedure also provides sample examination questions and answers, which have been updated to conform to recent decisions by the Court.

Basic Criminal Procedure also provides a glossary of important terms that law students need to understand as they examine judicial decisions. It also contains a Capsule Summary which serves as a short outline of the major doctrines covered at length in the text.