Rowe, Sherry, and Tidmarsh's Civil Procedure, 5th

Foundation Press
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Civil Procedure
University Casebook Series
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At just under 700 pages, this casebook is structured so that civil procedure can be taught efficiently but at a high level. The tightly-edited cases are intended to capture students’ interest and to teach doctrines and principles well. Notes are short and clear, but also intellectually challenging. The book has enough material to cover topics either quickly or in depth, and can easily be adapted for every credit allocation from 3 to 6. The casebook introduces students to the themes running through civil procedure: efficiency and fairness, advantages and disadvantages of the adversarial system, real-life litigation strategies, and issues of federalism and separation of powers. The 5th edition has been updated to include not only the most recent Supreme Court cases, but also new cases from the lower federal courts that keep the book contemporary and maintain student interest. All the significant recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are discussed.