Riskin's Managing Conflict Mindfully: Don’t Believe Everything You Think

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All of us, including the most elevated, sometimes make unwise decisions related to conflict and difficult situations. Such choices can lead to missed opportunities, suboptimal agreements, and impaired relationships, and even to the fear, hatred, anxiety, polarization, and violence that infuse and infect much of today's world.

In Managing Conflict Mindfully: Don't Believe Everything You Think, Leonard Riskin—law professor, mediator, and mindfulness teacher—helps us understand how and why this happens and what we can do about it, through a new framework that integrates negotiation, mindfulness, and internal family systems. Drawing on decades of practice, research, and teaching, this book extends Riskin's influential writings and brings new insights to accepted ideas about negotiation. It could help anyone deal better with others, or with themselves.

Visit tinyurl.com/ManagingConflictMindfully for a variety of resources, including video and audio instructions, for conflict management, mindfulness, and internal family systems exercises, and links to other materials.

Advance Praise for Managing Conflict Mindfully: Don't Believe Everything You Think

“This book is a masterpiece—sophisticated, witty, and eminently practical! Riskin . . . explains how the biggest saboteur to negotiation success [is] often . . . the failure to manage our own psyche. . . . Countless individuals . . . have applied his ideas and completely transformed the way they deal with conflict.”
—Daniel Shapiro, Ph.D. Founder and Director of the Harvard International Negotiation Program, Co-author (with Roger Fisher), Beyond Reason: Using Emotions as you Negotiate

“This book is a bit of a dream come true for me. To have an award-winning law school professor, who is also an influential expert in mediation and negotiation, bring my IFS model to those realms fulfills a vision. . . . This is a paradigm-changing book that can revolutionize this important field.”
—Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D. Founder of Internal Family Systems & the IFS Institute, Author, No Bad Parts