Rhee's LLCs, Partnerships, and Corporations

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Business Organizations
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This book is a modern approach to business organizations. In addition to the corporate form, alternative business entities are a large part of the practice of most business lawyers. Specifically, the limited liability company is the fastest growing entity form in the United States. This book takes a balanced approach toward the presentation of materials on business organizations. The major business forms are given thorough coverage. This book is highly flexible. It can effectively support two separate course plans: a 2-3 credit course on non-corporate business entities or a 3-4 credit traditional business associations course including corporations. It gives equal coverage to partnerships, LLCs, and corporations, with a comprehensive coverage of LLCs, the preferred alternative to the corporate form in modern law practice. This book covers the most up-to-date, authoritative cases analyzing LLCs. It also focuses on building skills. It emphasizes drafting considerations, reading actual agreements, and client counseling through an extended series of hypotheticals based on a common fact pattern.