Rhee's Developing Professional Skills Business Associations, 2d

West Academic Publishing
Primary Subject
Business Organizations
Developing Professional Skill
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Incorporating skills training into a traditional Business Associations course is challenging. This creative and original book provides thirteen independent exercises designed to develop student skills in legal drafting, client interviewing and counseling, negotiation, and advocacy. Each exercise is based on fundamental legal rules and doctrines so that the book can be used on its own or as a supplemental text with any doctrinal casebook. Students are required to spend a manageable one to two hours on such tasks as outlining discussion points for major meetings and counseling, drafting advisory letters to clients, crafting a demand letter to a board of directors, negotiating indemnification provisions, drafting a certificate of incorporation and an operating agreement based on the clients’ stated objectives, and developing strategies to manage business contracting and corporate client communications. Each exercise contains a work product template that the student must complete for assessment purposes.