Weaver, Partlett, Kelly, and Cardi's Remedies, A Contemporary Approach, 6th (Interactive Casebook Series)

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This new edition continues to execute our primary goal—to create a “teacher’s book”—a book that contains thought provoking problems (referred to as “hypos” or “Food for Thought” in the Interactive Casebook Series) designed to stimulate thought and produce interesting classroom discussion. The hypos and Food for Thought are woven throughout the chapters and are designed to help students learn doctrine, illuminate trends in the law, and ultimately produce better learning. A secondary goal was to include a focus on teaching “skills.” Many of the hypos place students in practical situations that they are likely to encounter in practice, and therefore encourage students to think about how they might handle those situations in real-life.

However, the book has been updated and refreshed with a number of new cases: K-Mare Corp. v. Oriental Plaza, Inc. (adequacy of legal remedies); Navajo Academy, Inc. v. Navajo United Methodist Mission School, Inc. (discretionary nature of equitable relief); Verenes v. Alvanos (the right to jury trial); Al Hirschfield Foundation v. Margo Freiden Galleries, Ltd. (civil contempt sanctions); Federal Trade Commission v. Trudeau (contempt sanctions); Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus (declaratory relief); Ride the Ducks of Philadelphia, LLC v. Duck Boat Tours, Inc. (requirements for preliminary relief); Habitat Education Center v. United States Forest Service (bond requirement); and National Collegiate Athletic Association v. Governor of New Jersey (contempt damages). In addition, it contains a new section explaining the pros and cons of nationwide injunctions, as well as a number of new Hypos and Food for Thought boxes.