Rees's Legal Research Simulations: Bridge to Practice

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Legal Research
Bridge to Practice
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When beginning a legal career, conducting legal research can seem like an insurmountable task. This book attempts to make the task manageable by first looking at background information about each of the major types of legal authority that must searched. With this information, it then examines various options for searching each one based upon the pre-existing knowledge held by the researcher. The various tools available for searching are described, including the strengths and limitations of each and the steps necessary to overcome those limitations. The text also discusses the relationship between the various sources in the hierarchy of legal authority. This information is critical while searching for relevant materials and in understanding the law once relevant materials are located.

Given the nature of the tools available for legal research today, many references to the Westlaw and Lexis legal databases are included; while not necessary, access to one or both will be beneficial in understanding everything discussed in the book. Many illustrations of real-life research are included throughout. Following discussion of each major topic is a summary of the major points and an assignment designed to give the researcher experience using the tools and following the steps described in the text. A total of ten assignments, including one review assignment mid-way through the text, are included.

Also included is a guide to citing various primary and secondary sources according to the rules contained in the latest version of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation. References to specific rules are shown with examples of cites to all the major resources. Access to either the printed or online version of The Bluebook, while not necessary, is helpful. The book finishes with practical tips about overcoming common mistakes made when conducting legal research that will improve the researcher’s efficiency.