Rahm's U.S. Environmental Policy: Domestic and Global Perspectives

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Environmental Law
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U.S. Environmental Policy: Domestic and Global Perspective frames U.S. environmental policy in the context of international environmental concerns. Each chapter explains U.S. policy considerations followed by an exploration of the global context of the issue. The book opens with a discussion of U.S. policy institutions and actors, followed by a discussion of the international system for multilateral environmental agreements dominated by the United Nations System. The root causes of environmental degradation – population growth, consumption patterns, and the limited carrying capacity of the Earth – are explored in the context of adequate access to water, food, and energy. Subsequent chapters survey U.S. policy and global concerns regarding air quality; water quality and access; non-hazardous solid waste; chemicals and hazardous substances; land, natural resources, and wildlife; the oceans; fossil fuels; nuclear power; renewable energy; the ozone layer; and climate change. 
• Environmental issues are both local and global in the 21st century. This book looks at environmental issues across both dimensions. 
• The importance of energy issues in the 21st century is emphasized by the inclusion of 3 full chapters on energy.
• A truly global approach to 21st century environmental issues is provided through comprehensive discussions of the world’s oceans, the ozone layer, and climate change.
• Up to date details on the impact of the first two years of the Trump administration are reviewed.