Ragazzo's Closely Held Business Organizations: Cases, Materials, and Problems, 3d

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Business Organizations
American Casebook Series
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This is still the most comprehensive business organizations casebook to focus on closely held businesses. The casebook retains complete chapters on Corporations, as well as on the hybrid forms of business organizations, including Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies. The casebook also contains a chapter on issues more closely associated with publicly held business organizations, since many instructors include these materials in a basic course on business organizations. The principal change in the new edition has to do with inclusion of material related to the most recent iteration of the Model Business Corporation Act. The Corporations chapter also includes important changes in Delaware statutory and case law, as well as changes in the corporate law of other jurisdictions. The Partnership, Limited Partnership, and Limited Liability Company chapters have also been brought up to date. Finally, the chapter related to publicly held corporations includes developments in federal securities law.