Levine, Wallach, Levine, and Goldfarb's Psychological Problems, Social Issues and the Law, 3d

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Psychiatry/Mental Health
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The Third Edition of Psychological Problems, Social Issues and the Law offers updated research, legal cases, and new examples. The text uses historical and systems perspectives to illustrate how Psychology and other social sciences interact with the law.

Chapters contain an introduction to an important social problem, followed by discussion of the major legal issues and a review of relevant social science research, including experimental literature and ethical considerations. The text emphasizes a wide range of social problems, including abortion, intimate partner violence, divorce, custody, child protection, competence of minors, sexual harassment, and much more. The goal is to offer readers a broad perspective to view the work of social scientists and lawyers, clinicians and judges in the larger context of the systems of which they are a part. New material points readers to resources to learn more about the topics or opportunities for further study and research.