Pridgen, Sovern, and Peterson's Consumer Law, Cases and Materials, 5th

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Consumer Law
American Casebook Series
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Cases and Materials on Consumer Law (5th Ed.) retains its comprehensive coverage and has been completely updated to reflect new developments in the dynamic field of consumer law, including:
  • Internet marketing, ad substantiation, celebrity and other testimonials, and new developments in online consumer contracts
  • Consumer credit regulation, including new Supreme Court cases dealing with credit reporting and debt collection, as well as the latest developments with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Consumer privacy, including the new California Consumer Privacy Act, the Internet of Things, biometrics, online marketing, cybersecurity and new developments concerning the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Developing and emerging payment systems – e.g., credit, debit, and prepaid cards, as well as mobile payments, digital wallets, and cryptocurrency
  • Remedies – latest U.S. Supreme Court and regulatory developments on consumer arbitration and class actions
  • Predatory lending (“capstone” chapter), the legal fallout from the subprime mortgage foreclosure crisis and beyond
  • Student loan disclosures, collections and servicing; and deceptive school admissions marketing to prospective students

This text contains a balance of cases, problems that reflect modern situations, and notes with discussion questions and references to the latest consumer protection scholarship. A new statutory supplement, entitled Selected Consumer Statutes 2019, is available also.