Popper, McKee Savitz, Varona, and Niles's Administrative Law: A Contemporary Approach, 4th (Interactive Casebook Series)

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Administrative Law
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Interactive Casebook Series
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Administrative Law: A Contemporary Approach, 4th Edition is a comprehensive reorganization and updating of the 3rd edition, written just as administrative law was becoming the centerpiece in a national discourse on governance. From 2017 forward, nothing seemed settled. What are the metes and bounds of presidential power? Of congress? Of the courts? Judicial confirmation hearings made Chevron, separation of powers, and federalism everyday concerns, but somewhere, in the core of this challenge to governance, the fundamentals of the administrative law field proved up to the task.

The 4th edition provides a current, comprehensive, and apolitical presentation of the substance and promise of administrative law. The book honors and retains the traditional materials while integrating 24 new principal cases and hundreds of references to lower court cases and executive actions.

The casebook begins with the basics of administrative law and the arguments favoring and opposing regulation. The text then moves to the powers of the presidency and the Congress, and concise chapters exploring rulemaking, adjudication, and judicial review thereof. In this interactive casebook, students have access to 260 multiple choice questions and answers organized by chapter, “blue boxes” that highlight major points, and a new feature, “recent sightings,” allowing students to see how and where cases decided decades ago are still of meaningful consequence.