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From cookware to dental floss to stain-resistant fabrics, PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, pervade modern life. PFAS are a family of thousands of synthetic chemicals that have a variety of unique qualities that make them useful in industrial and consumer product applications. Unfortunately, there is a growing scientific recognition that many PFAS come with a cost to public health and the environment. While federal and state action is just beginning for PFAS and the regulatory landscape is changing quickly, the toxicity of many PFAS has been well-established.

The PFAS Deskbook offers readers a comprehensive, nonpartisan, objective overview of the PFAS journey from their inception to today. It begins with the historical and scientific background of PFAS to help readers better understand the pervasive nature of these so-called “forever chemicals.” Subsequent chapters are then laid out to largely follow the path of PFAS chemicals as they move through the supply chain. It examines their creation, import, and initial use in industrial facilities as well as the statutory and regulatory frameworks relevant to consumer products. The Deskbook further explores the variety of federal and state statutes that can apply to contaminated soils, air, and water after PFAS have entered our environment, including PFAS contamination and cleanup, making the book a must-have resource for today’s environmental practitioners.

About the Authors:
James B. Pollack, Isabel Q. Carey, and Victor Y. Xu are attorneys with the law firm Marten Law LLP. Marten is an environmental law firm; one of the oldest, largest, and most diversified in the country. The firm represents public and private clients with their most important matters, which include water quality and quantity. Marten’s work in the area of PFAS includes advis¬ing clients on compliance with federal and state laws and mass tort litigation. In the products space, the firm represents manufacturers and retailers facing a patchwork of restrictions on the sale of PFAS-containing products.