Pierson, Minturn, and Reich's Thriving in the New Legal Marketplace: The Three Pillars to Success, 2d

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Based on a successful law school course, Thriving in the Legal Profession is designed for use as a course book, as a supplement in ongoing related courses such as legal professions or law office practice, and as a resource for law school auxiliary programs such as Career Services, Student Support, and Financial Aid and Counseling. This special edition includes digital access to a series of videos that supplement and reinforce the professional and personal insights contained in the book. In both the book and the videos, law students and lawyers are encouraged to base their careers on “Three Pillars of Success”:
1. Economics—Understanding the changing economics of the legal marketplace and what these changes mean for lawyers:
  • Technology and its impact on the delivery of legal services
  • Being competitive in today’s legal market
  • Advantages and disadvantages of public interest and government employment vis à vis private practice
2. Finance—Mastering the strategies for personal financial success:
  • Financial implications of various career paths
  • Repaying educational loans
  • Savings and retirement
3. Emotional Intelligence—Building the EQ skills needed by every lawyer:
  • Happiness and effectiveness at work
  • Managing stress
  • Maintaining resilience in the face of hardship