Rieser and Christie's Ocean and Coastal Law, Cases and Materials, 5th

West Academic Publishing
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Ocean And Coastal Law
American Casebook Series
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This new edition has been substantially revised to address the developments to ocean and coastal law in response to climate change and sea level rise, ranging from local domestic issues addressing the effects and costs of coastal adaptation strategies, to international issues surrounding the opening of the Arctic Ocean to navigation and resource development. It also covers the latest developments and issues in U.S. offshore oil and gas and offshore renewable energy, as well as fisheries law and protection of marine species. Marine pollution coverage highlights the Deepwater Horizon oil spill as a case study, as well as air and water pollution from vessels, plastics pollution, ocean acidification and dead zones. Coverage of coastal development includes the regulatory challenges to adapting to sea level rise, 5th amendment challenges to coastal regulation, and the nationwide controversies concerning beach access. Problems are included.