Moylan and Thompson's Legal Writing and Global Lawyering Skills, 3d

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Legal Writing
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Across practice areas and jurisdictions, new lawyers need to be good writers and to have other fundamental lawyering skills. Legal Writing and Global Lawyering Skills is designed to teach these fundamental skills by introducing students to a broader range of skills than are included in a traditional research and writing textbook. While the book covers foundational objective and persuasive legal writing skills, it also addresses other lawyering skills, such as oral argument, alternative dispute resolution, transactional drafting, and client interviewing and counseling. Additionally, students need an understanding of how cross-cultural and transnational considerations impact the practice of law. Legal Writing and Global Lawyering Skills is one of the only legal research and writing textbooks available that covers foreign legal systems, intercultural competence, and cross-cultural considerations in the practice of law. Legal Writing and Global Lawyering Skills is sufficient for a two-year curriculum, but would also work well in a one, two, or three semester course. The book also covers professionalism and professional identity, incorporating feedback, and judicial writing to offer students insights to increase their self-awareness as students and develop into well-rounded lawyers. The new edition provides updates to existing chapters and includes new chapters on challenging implicit bias and a stand-alone chapter on statutory interpretation. With the new ABA Standards relating to development of professional identity and bias, cross-cultural competency, and racism, the updating of these chapters is particularly timely and useful.