Morgan, Dzienkowski, and Regan's Professional Responsibility, Problems and Materials, 14th

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The 14th Edition of Professional Responsibility: Problems & Materials continues the traditions that have made this book a leader in its field for over 45 years. Built around problems, the book asks students to think about how they should behave in challenging, concrete settings.

The 14th Edition remains flexible enough to use in an overview course and challenging enough to use in ethics courses focused on particular areas of practice. It comprehensively addresses the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, but also deals with additional issues raised in the Restatement (Third): The Law Governing Lawyers and in state rules that illustrate different ways to regulate lawyer conduct.

Perhaps most important, the 14th Edition keeps up with a rapidly-changing legal profession and with changes in lawyer regulation that respond to new developments. The book considers how the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the potential for virtual lawyer practice and increased tolerance of practice from outside a lawyer’s licensing jurisdiction. It examines the protection of confidential client information in a world where potential hackers threaten lawyer data and it introduces forms of litigation finance that may revolutionize how firms handle cases. It expands coverage of lawyer counseling and responds to issues of diversity, and it deals with Utah’s Regulatory Sandbox and Arizona’s rule changes that, even now, let regulators see new forms of practice take shape and assess the risks and benefits of the possible new future.

Since 1976, the authors of Professional Responsibility: Problems & Materials have helped students prepare to respond to professional challenges they will meet upon graduation, but also to understand how their profession and its challenges are changing. The new 14th Edition continues to meet those objectives.