Interactive Legal Research & Writing Lessons: Persuasive Writing - Transactional Writing (Boyle-Laisure)

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This module introduces you to transactional drafting. To begin, in Lesson 1, you will contrast the language used in contracts with litigation documents. You will be exposed to various practice areas that utilize transactional skills.

You will learn about the overall flow of typical provisions in a contract and gain familiarity with how a contract is usually constructed.

Just as in litigation practice, where facts matter in a case, facts also matter in transactional practice. You will identify facts that would appear in Representations and Warranties and those that would not be considered representations. Representations must be carefully constructed, and you will practice with the use of modifiers to reduce risk to clients.

Lesson 2 delves deeper into contract concepts. Not all transactions have closings, and the concept of a closing will be explained. You will become familiar with important contractual provisions, namely covenants, conditions, and discretionary authority. You will identify them and practice drafting them. Short exercises facilitate a working understanding of these three core contract concepts.