Adler, Craig, and Hall's Modern Water Law, Private Property, Public Rights, and Environmental Protections, 3d

Foundation Press
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Water Rights
University Casebook Series
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Modern Water Law provides a comprehensive text to study the range of legal issues and doctrines that affect water resources. This is a national book that uses many recent cases, bringing a fresh perspective to the field. The authors begin with private water use rights, including common law doctrines for riparian reasonable use and prior appropriation, as well as groundwater rights and the statutory schemes for administering water use rights. The book next explores the range of public rights in water, including navigation, the public trust doctrine, federal reserved rights for tribal and public lands, and interstate water management. The book then explores modern challenges and environmental protection goals, focusing on the energy-water nexus, water pollution, and endangered species conflicts. The final chapters combine these concepts in the context of complex watershed restoration challenges and water rights takings litigation.

The third edition covers major changes and developments in the human right to water, tribal water rights, the Supreme Court’s interstate and navigable waters jurisprudence, state public trust and takings doctrines, and the realities of climate change on water supply and demand.