Morgan's Model Rules of Professional Conduct and Other Selected Standards Including California and New York Rules on Professional Responsibility, 2024 Edition

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2024 Selected Standards on Professional Responsibility provides up-to-date versions of the rules governing several topics in one of the most dynamic fields in American law. For example:
  • The ABA amended Model Rule 1.16 in August 2023 to require that lawyers affirmatively assess whether any of what their client wants them to do constitutes a crime or fraud (not just passively “know” it is illegal) and turn down or withdraw from such activity.
  • Also in 2023, the California Supreme Court added Rule 8.3 to the California Rules of Professional Conduct and now requires that lawyers report conduct that raises a “substantial question” about a lawyer’s “fitness as a lawyer.” California had long resisted such a requirement.
  • California has made important changes to its Rule 1.15 on the handling of client funds and Rule 1.4 on telling clients that a lawyer has received the client’s funds.
  • New York Rule 8.4(g) provides important contrasting language with the corresponding ABA Model Rule on issues of discrimination and harassment.
  • 2024 Selected Standards even includes the Code of Conduct for United States Judges, whose requirements bind lower court judges but do not yet bind Supreme Court justices, this year supplemented with language from the Judicial Conference interpretations defining what kinds of gifts judges are required to report.

In addition to the ABA Model Rules, the California and New York Rules, and the Code of Conduct for United States Judges, 2024 Selected Standards on Professional Responsibility contains:
  • Restatement (Third): The Law Governing Lawyers
  • Relevant Federal Statutes and Rules Applicable to Lawyers
  • ABA Model Code of Judicial Conduct
  • California Code of Judicial Ethics
  • Selected Federal Statutes Applicable to Federal Judges
  • Utah Supreme Court’s “Regulatory Sandbox” Order
  • Arizona Supreme Court’s 2020 Rule permitting Alternative Business Structures.

2024 Selected Standards reflects changes in lawyer professional standards through August 2023.

Finally, this Supplement contains a sophisticated analysis of the rules requiring or permitting disclosure of client misconduct, prepared by the Attorneys' Liability Assurance Society (ALAS) and intended to help lawyers, professors and students take a deep dive into this complex topic and appreciate the variety of state approaches to the issues raised.

Students, faculty, the practicing bar, and judges will find 2024 Selected Standards on Professional Responsibility to be essential for examination of professional responsibility issues they confront daily and are even more likely to face in the future.