Mizrahi, Dressler, and Thomas's The Law of Criminal Investigations: A College Casebook

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This newly designed casebook provides the perfect balance between the challenges of the case method and the needs of undergraduate and graduate students who may, or may not, be headed to law school. The Law of Criminal Investigations: A College Casebook makes use of many of your favorite U.S. Supreme Court cases; edited to reflect the needs of undergraduate students, with Notes and Questions that help illuminate the case and show how it works in the real world. Also included are narratives and summaries that explain and synthesize some of the more complicated legal nuances found in the world of criminal procedure. Written by renowned law professors and authors, Joshua Dressler and George Thomas, who are now joined by Dr. Stephanie Lipson Mizrahi, this book will appeal to all criminal procedure teachers who want to offer their students more in-depth coverage and analysis of this important topic.

Stephanie Lipson Mizrahi teaches in the Division of Criminal Justice at California State University, Sacramento in the areas of law, terrorism, homeland security, and emergency management. In addition to co-authoring The Law of Criminal Investigations: A College Casebook, Dr. Mizrahi has published in the areas of terrorism and homeland security, the death penalty and the International Criminal Court.

Joshua Dressler is the author of law school treatises in both the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure fields, as well as casebooks and numerous articles in both areas. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the most recent edition of the Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice. Professor Dressler is a Distinguished University Professor Emeritus and the Frank R. Strong Chair in Law Emeritus at the Michael E. Moritz College of Law, The Ohio State University.

George Thomas's research specialties include double jeopardy, police interrogation, and wrongful convictions. He has published numerous articles and books, including The Supreme Court on Trial and Confessions of Guilt (co-authored with Richard Leo). He is a Rutgers University Board of Governors Professor of Law.