Merritt and Simmons's Learning Evidence: From the Federal Rules to the Courtroom, 5th

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Learning Library - 12-month access to a digital Learning Library that includes self-assessment quizzes tied to this book, online videos, interactive trial simulations, study aids, an outline starter, and Gilbert Law Dictionary.


This Learning Library provides you with 12-month online access to self-assessment quizzes tied to the casebook, video lectures, “Evidence in Practice” interactive trial videos, three leading study aids, Gilbert® Law Dictionary and an outline starter. The included study aids are Federal Rules of Evidence in a Nutshell, Acing Evidence and Exam Pro on Evidence, Objective.

Learning Evidence engages students by offering colorful courtroom examples, excerpts from trial transcripts, and lucid explanations of each evidentiary rule. The fifth edition has been fully updated to reflect the continued emergence of electronic media, heightened attention to issues of race and gender, and recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Evidence.

To deepen student learning, this edition comes with digital study aids, accessible at The study aids include hundreds of multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions; thirteen videos that review difficult subjects; and seven interactive simulations in which students take the role of a trial attorney or judge during a trial and then make or rule on objections in real time.