Lundquist's ESL Workbook, Legal Writing and Legal Skills for Foreign LL.M. Students

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Legal Writing
American Casebook Series
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The ESL Workbook accompanies the Main Assignment File book and the commented cases and legal authority. Every case that the students read for the client matters has a worksheet, which includes key vocabulary and legal terminology already defined to assist the students in reading and save them time (the defined words are highlighted in the text of the cases), as well as pre-reading and comprehension questions to help the students understand the case and the analysis made, and think about how the case applies to the client matter. Finally, each case has a Legal, Language or Grammar Focus exercise that will deepen the students’ understanding of legal English, the law and English grammar and writing. Examples of the exercises include predictive vs. persuasive language, Germanic vs. Latin-based words in English, eliminating legalese and writing in plain legal English, punctuation (hyphens, en-dash and em-dash), definite and indefinite articles, and citations.