Legomsky and Thronson's Immigration and Refugee Law and Policy, 7th

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Immigration Law
University Casebook Series
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Adopted at 185 U.S. law schools since its inception, this casebook mixes theory, policy, and politics with legal doctrine, planning, and problem-solving. The book incorporates key current issues and events, and is rich in policy analysis, fact problems, and simulation exercises. The new edition incorporates the sweeping developments of the past five years. Highlights include:
  • Prosecutorial discretion, “zero-tolerance” and immigration-related criminal charges, and sanctuary cities
  • Updates on DACA and DAPA
  • Detention and Jennings v. Rodriguez
  • The Travel Ban and Trump v. Hawaii
  • A rewritten section on children, the family separation policy, and SIJ status
  • Attacks on the independence of the immigration courts
  • Revamped section on asylum, with full coverage of A-B-, other gender-related and gang-related asylum cases, non-state actors, and new credible fear guidance
  • Major restructuring of materials on the immigration consequences of crime, including the categorical and modified categorical approaches, incorporating major court decisions
  • Terminations of temporary protected status
  • Dramatic cuts to the overseas refugee program
  • Pereira v. Sessions and immigration court jurisdiction
  • Kerry v. Din and judicial review of consular visa denials
  • Sessions v. Morales-Santana and gender distinctions in citizenship acquisition
  • Expanded coverage of VAWA and T & U-visas
  • Material support for terrorism and Matter of A-C-M-
  • Proposed new rules on public charge