Sandeen and Rowe’s Learning Trade Secret Law: A Modular Approach to Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Prop-Survey
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Anyone who studies trade secret law in depth knows that the field is complex and nuanced. That complexity can be intimidating to novices. Accordingly, the summary examination in this e-book is intended to provide enough core principles to build a solid foundation in trade secrecy, without feeling overwhelming. This e-book can be used in a variety of law school courses—in stand-alone short courses on trade secret law; as a supplement in an IP survey course that focuses more on trade secrets than what is covered in most IP casebooks; or as a module for an IP survey course that the instructor wants to assemble. Outside of law schools, this e-book is also a useful primer for both attorneys and non-attorneys who are not yet familiar with trade secrets and is a great easy-to-digest introduction to trade secret law for business students who may be studying business law.