Langbein, Pratt, Stabile, and Stumpff's Pension and Employee Benefit Law, 6th

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Pensions And Retirement
University Casebook Series
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This publication has been the leading casebook in the field for more than 20 years. It is the most authoritative work available on this topic, extensively cited by the Supreme Court and other courts, and in the scholarly literature. Professors Langbein and Stabile have not participated in the preparation of this new edition, but their contributions pervade the entire work. The author team is joined in the Sixth Edition by Professor Andrew Stumpff, a leading practitioner and scholar of pension law. Professor Sean Anderson, a leading scholar of trust and pension law, joined the author team in preparing the annual update memos to the Sixth Edition.

The Sixth Edition adds expanded coverage of the Affordable Care Act, as well as subsequent judicial, legislative and administrative developments. It also includes detailed coverage of other recent Supreme Court decisions, including the Windsor decision on same sex marriage, and recent lower court decisions. The Sixth Edition also addresses recent changes affecting benefit plans, including recent developments in the design and administration of 401(k) plans.