Gallini's Investigative Criminal Procedure: Inside This Century's Most (In)Famous Cases, 2d

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Criminal Procedure
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More than 68 million people have downloaded the hit podcast Serial and 19.3 million viewers have watched Netflix’s documentary series, Making a Murderer. More recently, Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez examines the murder conviction of former NFL superstar Aaron Hernandez. These examples tell the true stories of criminal defendants’ experiences with our justice system through footage or audio recordings of the actual trial—essentially opening the courtroom doors to the public at large. By relying heavily on practical materials to guide students through the substantive law, the second edition of Investigative Criminal Procedure: Inside This Century’s Most (In)Famous Cases does the same for law students. Each chapter focuses on specific “real-world” defendants such as James Holmes, OJ Simpson, and John Wayne Gacy—among many others. Core cases are presented in a logical and easy-to-follow order. The book also includes access to an online casefile repository where students can find and explore actual litigation documents from each case, including complaints, search warrants, transcripts, and interrogation videos.