Carbonneau, Butler, and Blair's International Litigation and Arbitration, Cases and Materials, 3d

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American Casebook Series
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The Third Edition of International Litigation and Arbitration comprehensively but compactly assesses the comparative advantages and disadvantages of judicial and arbitral processes. The text addresses traditional analytical issues—such as jurisdiction, proof of foreign law, anti-suit injunctions, sovereign immunity, trans-border evidence gathering, drafting and enforcing arbitral contracts, and enforcing court judgments and arbitral awards—while always keeping focus on the practical aspects that attend the international representation of clients.
  • Teacher and Student Friendly—The Third Edition was designed by teachers for students. From its use of cases and primary source materials to its inclusion of probing, thought-provoking questions, the Third Edition will stimulate students' imaginations and test their emerging professional mettle in and out of the classroom. While the text builds logically from chapter to chapter, each chapter also stands on its own, offering teachers the flexibility to make the book work for them.
  • Coverage of Arbitration in the Russian Federation—The Third Edition has one of the only thorough and up-to-date English-language assessments of arbitration in the Russian Federation available. Written by a leading expert on Russian law, this coverage offers students important insights into comparative arbitral law and practice.
  • Sophisticated—The Third Edition goes beyond a mere nuts-and-bolts investigation of the key issues in international litigation and arbitration. It helps students see the underlying policy concerns driving existing law and practice, situating current norms in historical and socio-economic contexts.
  • Practice Oriented—While providing a sophisticated approach, the Third Edition maintains a practical orientation, consistently refocusing students on the roles international lawyers play when representing clients before courts or tribunals.
  • Single Volume—The Third Edition incorporates relevant sections of treaties and statutes so that professors do not need to assign, and students do not need to purchase, additional supplements. Everything that professors and students need is included in one reasonably sized volume.
  • Fully Updated—The Third Edition is fully updated to account for developments through the start of 2020. The Third Edition adds a new chapter on extraterritoriality; analysis of new developments, including the current status of and policy debates surrounding state-investor arbitration law and the pending replacement of NAFTA with the USMCA; and new key cases from the United States as well as a wide range of other jurisdictions.