Ohlin's International Law: Evolving Doctrine and Practice, 2d

Foundation Press
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University Casebook Series
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Ohlin’s casebook is designed to offer a comprehensive treatment of public international law suitable for a one-semester, three-credit introduction to international law—by far the most popular format for teaching international law at a U.S. law school.

Important features include:
  • A clear explanation of how the methodology and doctrine of international is different from domestic law.
  • Each chapter begins with a clear explanation of the legal doctrine and precisely highlights the areas where that doctrine is unsettled or contested.
  • Each chapter ends with a conclusion that recaps the main points from the chapter. These bullet points also function as de facto learning objectives for each chapter so that students can assess whether they have mastered the key concepts in that area.
  • Each chapter includes modular Problem Cases in shaded boxes which encourage students to apply the learned doctrine to contemporary controversies. The modular nature of these boxes gives the instructor the freedom to focus on, or skip, these Problem Cases.

The second edition features discussion of new cases and events, including the following:
  • Legal Consequences of the Separation of the Chagos Archipelago (self-determination)
  • Urgenda Foundation v. Netherlands (climate change)
  • Jesner v. Arab Bank (Alien Tort Statute)
  • The Gambia v. Myanmar (standing to sue for genocide)
  • Diplomatic controversy between U.S. and U.K. over the Anne Sacoolas/Harry Dunn car accident (diplomatic immunity)
  • Breakdown of the WTO Appellate Body
  • Expanded materials on the law of occupation
  • Discussion of treaties with First Nations