Interactive Legal Research & Writing Lessons: Objective Writing - Organizing a Legal Argument Using CREAC and IRAC (Voigt)

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Legal Writing
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This module has three lessons built for first-year law students. You will learn to organize legal arguments using the CREAC and IRAC methods. Although this module focuses on organizing legal arguments in a predictive (objective) memorandum, the concepts also apply to persuasive writings.

Lesson One explains in detail the CREAC and IRAC methods for organizing legal arguments. This lesson discusses the similarities and differences between CREAC and IRAC. It also sets forth good examples of each section of a legal memorandum, including the legal issues, legal conclusions, rules of law, case illustrations, and application sections. This lesson should take you about one hour to complete.

In Lesson Two, you must apply your knowledge about CREAC and IRAC from the first lesson. You will analyze legal arguments in predictive memoranda through a series of interactive questions, and you will receive instant feedback after each question. This lesson should take you about thirty minutes to complete.

In Lesson Three, you will complete a puzzle exercise. You will review a predictive (objective) memorandum that does not follow the CREAC or IRAC method. You will rearrange the pages of the disorganized memorandum to reorganize the legal argument into the CREAC organizational structure. This lesson concludes by walking you through an effectively written version of the memorandum with the “puzzle pieces” of CREAC in the proper order. This lesson should take you about thirty minutes to complete.