Hubbard's Civil Procedure: An Integrated Approach (Doctrine and Practice Series)

Foundation Press
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Civil Procedure
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Doctrine and Practice Series
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Civil Procedure: An Integrated Approach (Doctrine and Practice Series) combines classic cases, contemporary lower-court gems, and an unmatched set of learning tools and teacher resources to make civil procedure accessible, relevant, and compelling. The hardcopy textbook is integrated with online flowcharts, quizzes, and videos that together give students of all learning styles a strong command of doctrine. It emphasizes the central role of lawyers in civil procedure, challenging students to discover the legal strategies and practical realities that make civil procedure the most important element in every litigator’s toolkit.

The casebook includes:
  • Key Ideas textboxes after every reading summarizing important takeaways. All readings also have easy-to-follow notes and questions to guide study and discussion of the readings.
  • Taking Stock textboxes summarizing the main ideas and themes from each chapter.
  • Beyond the Doctrine textboxes that provide distinctive perspectives on the readings from practice and academic scholarship.
  • Carefully-edited excerpts from the Constitution, statutes, and Federal Rules in the text, each with their own introductions, notes, and questions. No longer is codified law consigned to a “rules supplement” to be neglected by students!

The linked online materials include:
  • Case Synopsis bullet points summarizing the background and holding of each case, which students can use to develop their note-taking and outlining skills.
  • Videos colorfully illustrating empirical data on the federal courts’ changing caseloads and examples of distinctive legal strategies from notable cases.
  • Flowcharts summarizing main ideas from each chapter in an easy-to-follow graphical format.
  • Self-Assessment Quizzes with answers that students can use to test what they’ve learned in each chapter.

This casebook sequences its topics to optimize students’ success in the 1L curriculum. It begins with a broad overview of civil procedure and then covers the Federal Rules and the stages of the civil action. Placing these topics first ensures that your students will better understand materials in their other courses, where concepts like motions to dismiss and summary judgment arise frequently. Building on this foundation, it then introduces complex litigation, including class actions, jurisdiction, the Erie problem, and arbitration.

This casebook is suitable for all first-year Civil Procedure courses.