Haydock and Knapp's Lawyering: Practice and Planning, 4th

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Lawyering Skills
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This exceptional book explains fundamental lawyering skills, theories, values, relationships, and ethics for students in lawyering skills and clinical courses, first year legal representation classes, internships and externships, and practicum and related courses.

Part One explains lawyering work and effective client interviewing and counseling. Part Two describes successful transactional and dispute resolution practice and negotiation and mediation. Part Three explains advocacy planning, pleading, and discovery. Fourteen chapters comprehensively explain the work of the lawyer, the business of lawyering, interviewing, counseling, transactional practice, dispute resolution, investigations, negotiations, mediation, pleadings, scope of discovery, depositions, and discovery methods.

This outstanding text prepares students for their professional lives, as a civil practitioner, transactional lawyer, litigator, in house counsel, or businessperson. The thorough coverage enables novice lawyers to become highly competent, responsible, and ethical attorneys. The extensive materials cover the strategies, tactics, and techniques involved with effective client representation and provide illustrative examples of successful practice. Think Twice—an original learning device—provides commentary about being an effective, creative, and productive attorney.

This Fourth Edition includes new materials that describe current changes in law practice, the impact of contemporary social and legal networks, innovative approaches to modern transactional and dispute resolution practice, e-negotiation and mediation and e-discovery, fresh insights into lawyering, updated comments about ethical practice, recent changes in civil practice laws, and the future of lawyering.