Graves and Blair's Learning Contracts, 3d

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This is not Professor Kingsfield’s casebook. In fact, there’s very little that’s traditional about Learning Contracts.

Instead, Learning Contracts organizes the waterfront of core contract law, theory, and policy into fifty discrete lessons. While the book works seamlessly in bricks-and-mortar classes, it was expressly built for today’s increasingly diverse world of online, flipped, hybrid or blended learning formats, and it works uniquely well in each of these settings. Moreover, the newest edition of Learning Contracts puts professors in the driver’s seat, offering unparalleled customizability and flexibility.

Each lesson begins with clearly articulated outcomes, which are followed by highly structured presentations, detailed explanations, illustrative examples, and helpful summaries, all working together to make the doctrine, theory, and policy of contracts readily accessible to students. Additionally, each and every lesson employs a comprehensive and consistent comparative approach, systematically addressing not only the common law, but also UCC Article 2 and the Convention on the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

Like other titles in the Learning series, Learning Contracts relies on very few cases. The examples in each lesson are frequently based on classic contracts cases—and the robust supplemental materials offer edited texts of cases for many lessons for those who want to inject more case method into their class. But rather than relying heavily on the case method, which can often leave students hanging, Learning Contracts provides students with the tools they need to learn the basic law in advance and spend the vast majority of their class time putting doctrine, theory, and policy into practice, while working through problems presented at the end of each lesson and in the supplemental materials.