Gosselin's Crime and Mental Disorders: The Criminal Justice Response, 2d

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The second edition of Crime and Mental Disorders is revised and reorganized to illustrate diversion and reentry opportunities for justice involved individuals who suffer from mental disorders. Priorities are informed by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, on evidence-based practices, and includes the application of the Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) to both adults and juveniles. This essential text from Denise Kindschi Gosselin is appropriate for both graduate and undergraduate courses. Broadly addressing psychiatric disorders, it is written to promote collaboration between the disciplines of criminal justice and mental health. A must-read text for any student or professional concerned with issues involving individuals living with mental disorders who come to the attention of the justice system. Organized into five sections, Crime and Mental Disorders —
  • Part I UNDERSTANDING MENTAL ILLNESS covers an introduction to the history of mental illness, the response history in the U.S. and an overview of issues which arise in calls for service involving individuals who have mental disorders.
  • Part II THE CHANGING LANDSCAPE examines justice intervention which include diversion intercepts, system collaboration, and civil commitment.
  • Part III CRIMINAL JUSTICE RESPONSES looks at law and policy which influence decision making in the three branches of criminal justice: law enforcement, the criminal court and corrections.
  • Part IV ALTERNATIVES TO INCARCERATION reflects recent changes to reentry and community corrections. The juvenile justice chapter deals with the risks and responses to youth in the justice system who have mental health disorders.
  • Part V MENTAL ORDERS IN CONTEXT contains a chapter on global perspectives and one which explains the diagnostic systems and disorders of individuals commonly associated with criminal justice intervention.

Thought-provoking questions and an end of chapter review facilitate class discussion. “In My Experience” questions draw upon the author’s career as a Massachusetts state trooper.