Gordon, Sneddon, Spivack, Tait, and Brophy's Experiencing Trusts and Estates, 2d

West Academic Publishing
Primary Subject
Trusts And Estates
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Experiencing Law Series
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This textbook takes a learner-centered and experiential approach to trusts and estates law, which makes it well suited to teaching both online and face-to-face. The opening chapters introduce students to key concepts in intergenerational wealth transfer and planning for incapacity and death. The remainder of the book highlights inheritance law concepts from both a forward-looking (planning/drafting) and backward-looking (litigation) perspective.

The second edition continues to feature some of the most teachable trusts and estates cases, to focus on issues of gender, race, class, and sexuality, and to offer online student resources. New features of this edition include learning outcomes at the beginning of each chapter to help with ABA compliance and student focus, a broad and varied array of formative assessments, a glossary of terms, highlight boxes containing practice notes, connection notes, and language notes, and final chapter take-aways to link topics together. Some examples of assessments include; role playing exercises; drafting client letters and testamentary instruments; writing policy papers, legislation, and judicial opinions; and preparing community and client presentations. Each chapter also features more traditional hypotheticals, fact patterns, and discussion questions, extensive notes designed to help lead students through the major issues, and an appendix of sample documents.