Goforth and Guseva's Regulation of Cryptoassets, 2d

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Securities Regulation
American Casebook Series
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The materials in this book are designed to look at cryptoassets and the expanding world of cryptotransactions to examine the regulatory regimes surrounding these assets and markets and how those regimes are developing. Because the technology behind and legal reaction to crypto are evolving so rapidly and are still in the early stages, it is not possible to create a traditional casebook that focuses only on settled judicial opinions to illustrate relevant legal issues and rules. These materials therefore look at various statutes, rules, and regulatory structures that predate the advent of crypto along with mission and informational statements promulgated by the agencies most closely involved with regulation of cryptoassets and cryptotransactions. The book also covers recent administrative and judicial decisions addressing crypto-related issues and involving cryptoasset and fintech firms, as well as a range of other materials such as pleadings, briefs, agency guidelines and proposed regulations, and academic commentary. The book examines a broad range of regulatory regimes, and although it focuses primarily on U.S. federal law, it also introduces applicable state law, international law, and European Union law.